Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hangin' with Mama M

Yeah, that's me.

Just hangin' out over at Mama's Personals, sippin' sweet tea and jawin' with Mama.

I'm cool like that, ya know. ; )

Actually, I am quite flattered to have been invited to hang with Mama from My Little Life! : ) If you've never paid her a visit, be sure to do so. This lady is a nurse who has cute kids, a handsome husband, plenty of stories to share, and she is Funny! (notice the capital 'F'...and the italics) Mama's Personals is a place she created to showcase the blogs she enjoys. Cool idea, huh?

So PURTY PLEASE be sure to drop in and read MY INTERVIEW! 'Kay? And when you're done there, you can check out her main blog by clicking HERE or on the words 'Back to My Little Life' at the top of the left sidebar.