Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vandalia Time Again!

The Vandalia Gathering is a West Virginia tradition, now in it's 36th year. It is held every Memorial Day Weekend at our gorgeous state capitol. Isn't this one of the most beautiful state capitol buildings?

When Vandalia is in full swing and you begin to tour the grounds, you will take in so much of what makes WV a unique and wonderful place to live. There are many stages set up for the various music competitions that are held throughout the weekend, but you'll also find scenes like this:Musicians come from all over and set up in the shade
of the many beautiful trees that dot the lawn.

Square dancing and clogging to live music.

Crafts and activities for children, including this gentleman dressed as a coal miner,
telling them stories about that way of life.

And this beautiful (and HUGE!) bird, along with several of his buddies
whose pictures I didn't manage to get,
were on display from Three Rivers Avian Center.

I spotted this little guy and just had to snap a shot. Ain't he cute? : )

Then there are the crafters.
Boy oh boy, does WV have some talented artisans!

Gorgeous pottery.

Stunning woodwork.

Beautiful handmade musical instruments.

And then my camera battery died.

Can you believe it? These were taken with my new camera that Brie got me for Mother's Day and of course I had no idea how long the battery would actually hold out.

I just hate that you didn't get to see all the FOOD!
Another thing that West Virginians know how to do is EAT! ; )

Roasted ears of fresh corn,
homemade BBQs with fresh cole slaw,
funnel cakes,
freshly squeezed lemonade,
and the Greek Orthodox Church in Charleston
is positively famous for the wonderful foods they offer.
My favorite?

I'll be making a trip back to Charleston soon
just to take pictures to share with you.
The Science and Cultural Center
(located on the capitol grounds)
displays lovely handmade quilts
throughout the Great Hall.

They are AMAZING
and you deserve to see them!

Next time I'll take a freshly charged camera.


So that's my Memorial Weekend to this point.

How is yours going so far?