Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'll Tell You if You'll Tell Me

There is much to tell you about these weeks I've spent away from blogging.  I've taken a great deal of time to sort through all the thoughts in my head regarding what to tell, what to leave out, where to begin.  Talk about overwhelming!  Finally I have decided that there will be no recap of all that's transpired during my time away.  It would be long, tedious and mostly boring anyway.  If something special comes to mind, that is when I'll write about it.  Believe me when I tell you that many times during my hiatus things happened that made me think 'I need to blog about that someday!'  Of course when I sit down and try to force the matter, try to come up with something witty or inspiring about which to write, I draw a complete blank.  Isn't that the way it goes? 

So here I am, giving it another go, hoping to be able to 'pencil it in' and find my blogging groove yet again.  Strange how you can miss something so very much and yet find yourself completely incapable of doing it when you finally find the time.  Some days my fingers can't keep up with my thoughts.  Other days I can't even pry loose an opening sentence. 

But here are the things I can tell you:
Contrary to how this all might be coming across to you, I am in a good place right now!  : )  Life is busy, but not too busy.  Everyone is healthy and doing the things they love to do and anxiously awaiting that final school bell that will ring freedom in just a few days.  I think I am as excited about summer break as the kids are this year!  While I'm not crazy about temps over 80*, there are so many things about the summer months that I do love.  Evening fires in the backyard fire ring and lots of ooey-gooey s'mores.  Giggling kids running barefoot and jelly jars glowing with lightning bugs.  Cornhole and bocce ball, croquet and badminton.  And mowing.  Lots and lots of mowing.  (I really do love that, you know.  It's 'me time'.) 

We've already enjoyed some of all of those things, with the exceptions of croquet and bocce.  Haven't broken out the sets just yet, but I can assure you their day is coming. 

For now, with the kids in school and The Hubster at work, I am going to catch up the laundry and plan a quick dinner for this evening since Tucker has a baseball game.  I'm sure the vacuum will find its way out of the closet and into my hands at some point because the upstairs carpeting is begging for attention.  And later, if the yard is still too wet from recent rains for me to mow, I may just spend a little time in the kitchen baking.  However, I'm hoping for a dry enough yard.  Some great music on my iPhone and a couple of hours spent in the company of John Deere sounds like just what the doctor ordered.  ; )

Now, do tell.  When does your summer begin?  And what is it you're most looking forward to this year?  Special plans or just enjoying the laid back attitude that defines the season?