Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tipsy and Staggering....and haven't had a drop to drink! ; )

Beautiful weather and comfortable temps have made it the ultimate time to be outside working in the yard and getting things ready for porch-sitting season.  The siding has been pressure-washed, the porch floor got another coat of polyurethane and the swings and rocking chairs have been scrubbed. Now I'll share a few of the things I've done to pretty up the place.

First I got my tipsy pots planted. In years past I have used different types of plants in each pot, but this year I opted for the same flowers in different colors. Can't wait until it fills out and the colors really POP!
Next, I brought out my old RC Cola crates. I did this stagger-stacking once before and loved it, so I decided it was time to recreate the look once again. First I lined them with plastic so the wood wouldn't rot from all the watering.

This is one of my shepherd's hooks and I placed it to the right of the garage, where it can be seen by everyone who visits. Sometimes we don't think to decorate anywhere but the very front of the house and I'm doing my best to spread the love this year.
We still have some things to do in the flower beds, as well as some work around the hay rake I have as a focal point in the area between the barn and the road. I'm hoping to get some black-eyed Susans planted around it once again because I really miss my Susans. I'm about to make some pillows for the front porch swings, too. If they turn out the way I'm hoping, I'll be sure to post pics and instructions. : )

As soon as my sitting areas on the porch are all done, I hope to share some pics with you and I'd love to do a 'Front Porch Party' of some sort, where we can all link up and share pics of our favorite outdoor areas.  : )