Friday, December 4, 2009

Ever go on a losing spree?

Problems in my humble abode. Thankfully there is nothing seriously wrong, only seriously irritating.

It seems I may be losing it. 'It' being just about anything I need to get my hands on at that particular moment.

I've spent the last few weeks putting my house back together after having the entire downstairs destroyed while the hardwood was sanded and refinished. Things were packed away in carpeted rooms until the work was done and then the REAL work began. I cleaned and scrubbed, polished and shined. Everything was falling beautifully into place. Then I started putting out the little finishing touches. I like to create little 'scenes' or 'vignettes' here and there throughout my home. One involves a quilt, an oil lamp, a stack of books and a pair of antique wire-rimmed reading glasses on the deacon's bench in the foyer. Except I can't find the little reading glasses. How on earth do they disappear but everything else is there together, right where I put them when I dismantled? I finished getting everything else arranged but I still have not found that little pair of glasses.

Yesterday while at the school making props for the Christmas program, we realized we were in serious need of some glitter. No problem! I'll just run home and grab a couple of the forty-eleven (yes, that is a real number) containers I have in my craft supplies! Grabbed my keys and headed to the house...where there was not one single, solitary, shiny little specimen to be found. Not a speck. Good grief. Eight drawers of craft supplies and a twelve year old girl share this house with me and I have no glitter on hand? No way! Still haven't found it.

Then it was Perri's turn to choose which Christmas book we would read and she requested The Three Trees. Great! Love that story. Checked the Christmas book shelf in the parlor and it wasn't there. where did that book wander off to this time? Searched for a full 30 minutes.




So we ended up reading The Gift of the Magi. Which is a perfectly wonderful story, but that really isn't the point. I also realized that I can think of at least 3 other Christmas books that are MIA. So I suppose today I'll don my trench coat and hone my detective skills...
(BTW, I do not smoke a pipe. Nor do I look that great in green.)

What on earth will be next? Right now I'm just thankful that my head is firmly attached. I did run to town last night to buy some glitter and I put it where I was sure I'd be able to find it this morning. So now I'm returning to the school to finish up those props.

Now where did I put those car keys........

Tucker has requested this for tonight:

This is a reproduction of the original 1939 book that was issued by Montgomery Ward upon the 50th anniversary of the story in 1989. Robert L. May, the creator of Rudolph, was a copywriter for the Montgomery Ward Catalog Company when he contributed this red-nosed icon to Christmas folklore. Remember when we were kids (before VHS and DVDs and all that technology came our way) anxiously awaiting the once-a-year airing of Rudolph on television? No one wanted to miss it! Now my kids can watch it in the middle of July if they like. Kind of takes away a little of the magic.


  1. What on earth, no glitter!? Lol! I found your blog! :) But I can't tell you where your keys might be...

  2. Somehow everything manages to turn up, just may take years.



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