Saturday, December 19, 2009

Probably only have a minute or two...

...and this is why:

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!?!?!?

Electricity has flashed on and off so many times today, I finally gave up on resetting the digital clocks. What a pain! Otherwise it has been a great day spent in our warm and cozy house reading, playing games, baking cookies, etc. Gas log fireplace so we don't have to worry about heat if the power DOES go off for long, and a gas cooktop so we also will not starve.

I'll be back for a real post once the power is more stable. :) Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your snow picture is so cute, along with the cute family photos from the previous post. One of my son's always guesses the items in the boxes for him too. It must be a guy thing.

  2. Beautiful! It barely snowed here today. I did a lot of baking and made CHRISTmas ornaments. I am all Martha Stewarted out for the night!

  3. Kelli~~~

    I pray that you stay warm and cozy. :-)

    Happy holidays to you & your family!



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