Sunday, December 6, 2009

Toss it, baby!

This was me today:

(My moustache isn't quite that dark or heavy...)

And it was much because of him:

Love me some GUY! :)

My homemade pizza is one of the most requested meals around here. My DSIL Josh absolutely LOVES it. It is always his 'reward meal' whenever he does something to help me out and also his birthday meal of choice. I didn't start making it until a couple of years ago and I have always struggled with my crust. It is SO frustrating to spend all that time mixing, kneading and patiently waiting for it to rise only to make such a mess when trying to shape it and get it off the peel and onto the stone in the oven.

I always ended up feeling like this by the time I was done:

No fun.

Today was a breakthrough. I decided to put into practice some of the things I have learned watching the Food Network; namely Guy Fieri. That is a man who knows how to enjoy some food! He also knows how to prepare some food and he's one of those FN hosts that I can really relate to and understand.

Plus he makes me laugh. I like a man who can make me laugh. :)

After following Guy's instructions I was not only able to get the crusts into the desired size and shape, I did it by tossing them! Yes! Up into the air like a REAL pizza chef! And you know what? That really does stretch the dough evenly. And if you do it correctly using the proper amount of flour, it won't even stick to the ceiling if you should accidentally toss it just a teeny, tiny bit too high. Not that I did that or anything. ;)

Unfortunately, I'm a doofus and I didn't think to take pictures of the finished product. I really must get used to having my camera with me at all times so I'll have cool pics to accompany my blog posts. I promise to try harder.

Maybe next time I make pizza I'll even have one of the kids snap a pic of me tossing the crust. Then you can tell all your friends how cool I am, too.

Tonight's Christmas Reading

Not one of my favorite titles, to be honest, but Tucker likes it.
It is the story of a wealthy but unkind man named Simon who wants to be certain that a visiting king stops at his home. He orders his crippled wife to prepare a decadent welcome for the royal procession. However, the only one to knock on his door that night was a poor stranger dressed in rags and seeking shelter. Simon cruelly sends the person away but his wife takes pity and offers the stranger food and drink before he leaves. As he leaves, he takes her walking stick and assures her she will no longer need it. And she didn't! Then Simon spends the entire night in pursuit of this stranger who must have been the King in disguise. During his search, Simon is transformed as he discovers the joy of giving and the spirit of Christmas.

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