Thursday, January 10, 2013

Couldn't Do It Again if I Tried!

Ever see this?
 Same goes for carrying things to the car, too.

I was leaving Brie's house, 
my hands full with a bag of craft supplies, 
an empty (yet bulky) soup pot, my purse 
and a large unsweetened tea. 

Anywhere you park at Brie's, 
you're on an incline.
This causes your car door swing shut, 
ready or not. 

I managed to maneuver the driver-side door open
and drop myself into the driver's seat.
Then, halfway in the car and halfway out, 
I attempted to deposit my armload of cargo onto the passenger seat 
when suddenly I realized...
the door was closing.
With a good bit of force.
Two-door car...long, heavy door.
I was so preoccupied with rescuing my ankle 
(which was still firmly planted on the ground outside my door)
from certain painful injury that I didn't even consider 
the position of my left hand.

You know, the one in which I was holding
that large unsweetened iced tea.

I'm pleased to announce that my ankle escaped injury.
My cup, however, did not fare quite so well.

So how was your day?  :)