Friday, January 11, 2013

Gettin' a Jumpstart on Feelin' the Love

I'm not usually a Valentine's Day kind of girl. Yes, I did make this heart-shaped meat loaf one year, but that was kind of a fluke. I've baked square and round cakes, cut the round cake in half and created a heart-shaped cake, too.  Those things were fun but this family just doesn't usually get totally wound up in the Valentine spirit.

(Actually, they REALLY made fun of the meat loaf! LOL!)

Oh well.  Not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, huh?  ;)

Except for Pinterest.  It has me wanting to bake more, cook more, craft more, decorate more, read get my drift.  And if you are on Pinterest, too, I'm sure you feel my pain.

I didn't find this exact idea on Pinterest 
but some of the ideas I did find
sparked this one. 
I think it turned out to be rather cute
and it was also very inexpensive to make.

You just need:

2 of the $.97 plastic tablecloths from WalMart
A wire coat hanger or some wire you can shape yourself
A pair of scissors
A pair of pliers to bend and twist the wire

Make the heart shape using your wire
or wire coat hanger.
If you're using a coat hanger, you need to
untwist the neck of the hanger
so you have both ends of the wire free.
You're going to need those ends
so you can poke through the plastic.

I opened the tablecloths to their full length,
cut them into quarters across their width,
then folded their length accordion-style.
Starting at one end of the long accordion fold,
I punctured the center of the plastic 
with the end of the wire,
pushed it through 3 to 4" and 
then pushed the end back through
the folded plastic.
Back and forth, back and forth,
just like sewing stitches down the center
of the accordion folded plastic,
until the full length of it was
on the wire.
I took the pliers and twisted the ends 
of the wire together in the center
of the 'V', then using my fingers
I fluffed and tweaked the folds
of the plastic until I had the shape I wanted.
It took 6 sections of the tablecloths
to cover this size wreath,
so that means I have two pieces left.
I think that means I have a head start on  another wreath.  :)

I later decided to add embellishments.
These are foam hearts I had
from an earlier project.
I plan to let Tucker take this to his teacher.  

I'm already imagining what I can do for 
St. Patrick's Day, Easter, etc.
The possibilities are only limited
by the colors of tablecloths they have in stock!

If I'm not clear enough on these instructions,
I will try to take pics of the entire process when I 
make my next one.
Just let me know if you're interested 
and I'll post them on here.  :)