Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family Affair

Remember that show? Buffy, Jody, Sissy, Uncle Bill and Mr. French? And Mrs. Beasley. I always wanted a Mrs. Beasley doll.

I LOVED that show!

But that's not what this post is about. It's about MY family and the affair we're planning for this summer.

You see, my Daddy came from a BIG family. These are the two responsible parties.

My grandparents had 16 kids of their own and raised many more. I remember many of my aunts and uncles, but there are a few I either never met or was so young that I don't remember meeting them. I have cousins all OVER the place and there are very few of them that I really know.

It isn't that the Tuckers weren't a close family because I've seen the pictures and heard the stories. 'The Big Hungry', as my grandparents' home was known, was the scene of much family togetherness. The door was always open for friends or family, and even if you fell into neither of those categories, you were welcome to come on in and sit down for a bite to eat and a chance to become friends.

Papa Tucker passed away 7 years before I was born and Mama followed him when I was not quite 5. Times were changing and the glue that held the extended family together was gone. Soon they spread out all over the eastern United States.

And there went my opportunity to get to know all of those wonderful people who are my family.

But thanks to the wonder of the Internet (and Facebook in particular) we are connecting! :) And a FAMILY REUNION is in the works! Best of all, it looks like it will be held at my house this summer. :) How cool is THAT?

I'm not sure yet how many will be able to come, but there are a few things of which I'm absolutely certain....
1. This event will be FUN!
2. There will be MUCH food!
3. My neighbors will probably want to run for the hills because if there is one thing Tuckers are known for, it is their VOLUME! This event will be LOUD!!! :)

Any fun ideas to share? Something that you did at your family reunion that was a huge hit? Please share your ideas with me! I am so looking forward to this and I want it to be so terrific that they want it to become a tradition.

Getting to know FAMILY. What could be better? :)


  1. Kelli~~~

    Your family affair is going to be a blast!!! I wish I could come! ;-)

    I would recommend that you have someone there to take pictures. Maybe not a professional, but someone to gather people or families for group shots, etc. and then all of you can get copies. I wish we had done that at my mom's 60th birthday party because it really was the last time all of us were together and sometimes you are just having too much fun to take pictures!


  2. How wonderful!!! Six years ago I hosted a family reunion for my dad's side of the family and I am so happy that I did. We made lots of pictures of my dad with his remaining brothers and sisters. Since then, 4 of them have passed away including my dad. Out of 10 siblings, there are only 3 still alive and they are not in the best of health and unfortunately I seldom see them. Like Janie, I say take lots of pictures and maybe have a special tablecloth[s] for all to sign or leave messages on and most importantly, stay in touch.


  3. I bought one of those big folding display boards (like they use for science displays) and photocopied lots of old photos and displayed them on it for everyone to see. This was for my parent's 60th anniversary, but it would work for a reunion too. Ask people to scan and email some to you, or get copies. It ends up being kind of like a giant scrapbook.

    Btw, I made that mexican torte tonight. It was a hit! I made a meat version and for the vegetarian, I used that "fake" soy meat, and he loved it. Thanks so much, I'll be making this alot. It was easy too, I love that :-)

  4. Oh how wonderful that you are all going to be together. What fun you will have. The last one we had was at my mother's 80th birthday. Since then we have lost several and I am so glad we did it. I second "Blessed Mom's Simple Home" in saying that the photos are a great way to go. I am so thankful for all the pictures that we have of Mom's b'day as she is now gone home to be with the Lord and so is her sister.


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