Thursday, February 25, 2010

One of THOSE evenings!

This little guy is providing our dinner this evening.

Chances are pretty good that we'll be eating here:

Yes, it's gonna be one of THOSE evenings.

I'll be picking up the kids from school and rushing to a photography studio in a little town north of us where Perri is doing a photo shoot for an online catalog. I'm taking a book so that Tucker and I will have something to do to keep him occupied. We're currently reading this together:

I'm lovin' it! :) I love re-reading my childhood favorites with my kids.

After Perri's shoot, we're going to head back toward home, drive through and pick up those Hot 'n Ready pizzas and gobble them up before we go to the middle school for Perri's chorus concert.

Oh, did you not know that Perri had a chorus concert tonight?

How funny. We didn't know it either!

With all the snow days lately I guess it just slipped everyone's minds that perhaps they should send home a note or something informing us of this little concert tonight. But that's okay. I'm great on spur-of-the-moment....I thrive on it.

(See, this guy doesn't even know me and he's rolling his eyes!)


  1. We've had many nights like that.

  2. Oh Kelli, I love it! Don't let him roll his eyes at you! We all have days like that. Not glad you are having one, but glad that I'm not the only one that has them. Isn't it fun to read to our children what we loved as kids?

  3. It does seem to always happen like this doesn't it? At least you remembered to bring a book to read. I usually think about it after I've left my house :-)

  4. too funny! yay for fast food joints and high-tech cars!

  5. what, this isnt normal??? That last pic cracked me up, I LOL!! xxoo LA


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