Thursday, February 4, 2010

Name that issue!

Yes, I have issues. I suppose we all do, right? I mean everyone has to have an issue with something!


(Come on, people! Agree with me! I'm feelin' all alone here!) ;)

Today's issue (for me) has a somewhat loooooong name. But at least it isn't Latin and it is pronouncable. It's called:


What's up with that?

It seems that any time I know I absolutely can't leave the house for some reason, that's the time I most want to run into town for something. It isn't like I don't have plenty here to keep me busy. I just want OUT.

I NEED out.

And yet, I can't GO OUT.

Tucker is still home from school with this dreadful ear infection so we're stuck here at the house until he's better. I mean, if he can't go to school, he has no business out running around. The Mommy in me knows this.

But the Kelli in me is screaming for a breather!

I know that all of the days we've spent snowed-in this winter play a huge part in this. But still.

I haven't left the house since taking him to the doctor on Tuesday, and that doesn't really count. After all, there isn't any fun in sitting in a doctor's office.

And what exactly do I consider fun? If I could leave the house right this very minute, what would I do? (I heard these questions running through your mind.)

I'd pay a visit to Walmart (which is the only place open this early....I live in a very rural area) and look around just to kill some time. Then I'd hit the Dollar Tree to see what's new. I'd drive through Arby's to get an extra-large diet Dr. Pepper (they're the only place in town that has it!) and then maybe I'd run out to Cedar Lakes to take a nice, leisurely stroll around the park.

Doesn't that sound great? Heavenly, even?

Don't answer that.

No, reply necessary. I know I'm boring.

And it doesn't even matter because it probably wouldn't happen anyway.

You see, I know me. If Tucker had gone to school this morning, I would still probably be right here, in this house, doing pretty much exactly what I'm doing right now. I'd do a load or two of laundry. Run the dishwasher. Straighten up the house a little. Dust and vacuum. Plan dinner. Bake something.

It's simply knowing that I CAN'T leave the house that makes me want to all that much more.

Childish, I know.

So how about you? What is it that you want more than anything when you know it's not in the cards for you?


  1. I'm with you! I took Caleb outside yesterday just to get out. He loved it too! I'd probably go to Target and then yes, I would also head to the Dollar Store because I hardly ever get a chance to go. I hope you can get out soon.

  2. I would be heading to walmart, Hobby Lobby, the Dollar store and Sonic! That would be my day.

  3. Hahaha! I know your pain... I've had those days, weeks. Months.

    My want? I'd love to have the WhiteBoy home rubbing my tootsies while we watch something on tv, drinking our evening coffee. Ahhhhh, I would die for a foot massage right now!

  4. It sounds like you've had a rough week with a sick little boy. I hope he's feeling better soon. I've been out more this week than I've wanted to, so I'm looking forward to staying at home.


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