Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two-riffic Two-sday!

Last Tuesday I was standing in line at the pharmacy to pick up Tucker's meds when a young mom pushed her cart in line behind me. Strapped into the front of the cart was a cute little strawberry blonde boy who appeared to be about 8 or 9 months old. Then I noticed that there was movement among the items in the other part of the cart and there sat a duplicate strawberry blonde clinging tightly to a gallon of milk and trying with all his might to remove the lid. Twins! And they were cuties! Soon one of them decided he was not in the mood to sit in a cart that was not in motion and he started to fuss, which caused the other to join in since he wasn't about to allow his brother to have all the fun. They were definitely...

Those two got me to thinking about pairs...doubles...duos...duets. And 'Twosday' seems like a great day to discuss your favorite things that come in twos, so here are a few of mine.

Tony Bennet's Duets CD is one of my faves! So many modern artists had the privilege of joining this legend to sing some of the classics. From fantastic toe-tapping tunes to soft and sweet sentimental melodies, this album has it all. If you've never heard it, you MUST check it out.

One of our local pizza chains. They do this wonderful thing called Two 'fer Tuesday. Buy one pizza or pasta at regular menu price and get another of equal or lesser value free! Gino's started this years ago and several other places have jumped on the bandwagon, but Gino's is the first I ever heard of doing this.

This pairing has to be one of everyone's favorites, don't you think? Who doesn't love some good hugs and kisses? Whether they're from your kids or from your spouse, what day can't be made better by a little bit o' lovin'? :)

Now tell me, what comes in twos and makes your day just a little more 'two-riffic'?


  1. What a neat post! How those twins got you thinking, Kelli!!

    At one of our restaurants here in Chicago, there is a 'two~fer" for pasta on Tuesday night, much like your Gino's. And there is a radio station that plays two songs by the same artist in a row.

    Who would have thought Tuesday could be so much fun!


  2. Cute post ;)

    Lately my favorite "two-fer" is SUN and MELTING SNOW. : ) When the SUN comes out, the SNOW starts to MELT. Gotta love that combination haha!

  3. Diet Coke + Cherry Syrup = Diet Cherry Coke
    (from Sonic, of course)

  4. Can't think of one, but what a terrific post! I love to watch other's children in baskets or a mom trying to keep up with them out of a basket! One of the ladies I work with is fixing to have twins. We are giving her a "twin" shower next week.

  5. Well I can completely relate to that mom :-) As the mother of twins, I've been there, but I've kind of had all my kids in set's of two, it's just that the last set came closer together. My older boys were just 17 months apart, and my girls were 20 months apart, so set's of two are pretty common around here :-)


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