Friday, March 19, 2010

Four Fabulous Facts on Friday

I'm needin' some fabulosity (yes, that's a word) in my life today! So this is going to be a happy-go-lucky post about happy things, things that make you feel good, things that make me SMILE!

And I figure if I find some fabulosity that makes me smile, I ought to share it with you! So here goes.

1. Sunshine and blue skies and the promise of 70* on the ol' thermometer this afternoon!

(Mine aren't quite to this point yet, but they are peeking through the ground already!)
A definite treat for March. Hope you're having the same kind of weather wherever you are!

2. This is National Chocolate Week!

Woohoo!!! And specifically, today is Chocolate/Caramel Day. How's that for a great excuse to enjoy that luscious, decadent, creamy delight? Personally, I love dark chocolate with coconut, caramel, nuts, or just all by itself.

3. Spring officially arrives at 1:32 p.m. TOMORROW!!!


4. My sweet grandson, Hayden. This last one is something that makes me smile every single day. He's sweet, smart, funny and lights up my life like the SUNSHINE!

Now HOW could you look at that face and not SMILE?

And don't forget about my GIVEAWAY! Be sure to get your name in the hat! I'm working on the prize basket right now and I think it will make you smile, too!