Friday, March 26, 2010

Four (more) Fabulous Facts on Friday

Since I rather enjoyed my Four Fabulous Facts on Friday last week, I thought I'd just do it again this week! After all, who doesn't enjoy a little fabulosity every now and then?

Fabulous Fact #1:

Only NINE DAYS until the Yankees' Season Opener!!!

Man oh man, I SO love that game! The Hubster is sweet enough to subscribe to the MLB Season Ticket on our DirecTV so that I don't have to miss a game!

Fabulous Fact #2:

I made a dozen pints of strawberry freezer jam yesterday and the day before!

(This isn't mine...just a pic I found online. But I did use the same kind of containers!)

I still have lots of strawberries left so I'll be making more jam, a pie and probably some strawberry shortcake, too.

Fabulous Fact #3:
I don't think I've already blogged about this, but if I have, please bear with me. I'm a proud Momma, ya know?

Perri modeled some hats for a local photography studio, A+ Photography. Tabi and Angela, the ladies who own and operate this place, do some FABULOUS work!

Well, we got some of Perri's pics and they are just incredible!

And here is ZBELLE HATS where these cute little creations are being sold.

The best part? She had a BLAST!

Fabulous Fact #4:
Tomorrow is Ripley's Third Annual Chocolate Festival!
For those of you who are not aware, this:

and this:

make me do this:

I LOVE me some chocolate!

And as you can tell in this pic, so does Tucker:

HERE is a link to more info on the festival. Pretty cool for such a small town.