Monday, March 1, 2010

An Interesting Find

This is Tucker.

(He'd been enjoying some fruit...dipped in a chocolate fountain.)

This is a tissue basket that sits in my family room.

This is what I found in the tissue basket today.

If you don't have a child who has asthma and requires Singulair or who takes gummy multivitamins, you may not recognize the contents. Here they are once I separated them.

There were 51 Singulair pills and more than 90 gummy vitamins in there.

Guess who hadn't been taking his morning meds?

Guess who got a lecture regarding the importance of:
*Taking their meds
*Keeping meds out of the baby's reach

I am terribly disappointed in my baby boy. :( He has never done anything like this before.

Or at least he's never been caught.

I always wanted to be like this:

Right now I feel more like this:


  1. What can I say? Sometimes we are disappointed in what our children do, but we love them anyway. It is hard to deal with those things at times. Maybe it will teach him a good lesson. Here's hoping.

  2. Sneaky. He's been skipping out for a long time. We're talking about honesty this week in our house.

  3. Kinda funny, but not so good! I especially understand the babyproofing danger! Has skipping these negatively affected his health? That's a lot of missed pills! Why was he doing this? Was he just being a booger or is there an underlying reason? My friend's stepson was hiding his ADD pills around age 10 because they make him sick to his stomach.

  4. Valerie, he had some asthma problems this winter...just a hanging on of symptoms...very persistent. Now I guess I know why. ;) Luckily his nebulizer meds handle it pretty well.

    He said they 'ache his teeth' (meaning the gummy vitamins, and they ARE a bit tough to chew...), so he just dropped the whole handful of meds into the basket instead of taking Singulair and 'losing' the vitamins.


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