Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Darn Near Perfect

That's the best way I can describe my day today. 
I spent it here:
Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Reds territory.

And I wore this:

(That's my Tucker Man, also wearing his Yankees garb.)

And you know what?
All was well because Cincy is a classy baseball city.
There were no rude remarks or gestures
and no dirty looks from the locals.
As a matter of fact, people were friendly,
polite and eager to be of assistance...
much like the last time we visited this city
for a Yankees game in 2003.
I gotta say, 
we have visited other baseball cities 
to watch my boys play 
and I can't say the experiences were quite as nice.

Thank you, Cincy, for being such a gracious host.
I know that most of you probably don't give a hoot about baseball,
but I just gotta share a few pics.  
Bear with me.  ; )

Stretchin' before the game.
Can you say 'flexible'? 
The men in black.
These dudes can make it or break it.

This man has struck fear into the hearts of many a batter.
It is always a thrill for a Yankees fan
to watch him take the mound.
Mariano Rivera
aka:  'Mo'
And this, my friends, was the final pitch of the game.
Yeah, we won!  : )

 And my boy gets to tell his kids and his grandkids
that he got to see,
live and in person,
all of baseball.

Darn near perfect, I tell ya.  : )

But I guess you're wondering
since the threatening rain held off
and we had decent weather
and we got to see Mo
and we won the game...
why wasn't it perfect?

Well, someone didn't give 
the powers that be at 
Great American Ballpark
the memo regarding Cracker Jack and baseball.
You know, they just go together!
It seems the folks in Cincy prefer this:
And that, my friends, is just not perfect.