Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Shots I Forgot

The Hubster reads my blog from time to time and after reading my post about Vandalia (you know, the one where I told you how my camera died shortly after we got there?) he reminded me that I had snapped a few shots with my phone. I had totally forgotten! And while some of them aren't that great, I do want to share these four with you. They were taken inside the Science and Cultural Center.

There is Celtic dancing going on all during Vandalia.
A couple of Perri's friends have participated in this tradition for many years.

But the biggest reason I enjoy visiting the Great Hall
is to see all the beautiful quilts on display.
Each year quilts are judged and put up for public viewing.
Aren't they breathtaking?

I'm sure I'll be in Charleston again soon
and I plan to take a few minutes to
visit there again and take some better photos to share with you.
Quilting was once thought to be a dying art
but I believe the talented folks in my neck of the woods
are bound to keep it alive and well. : )