Thursday, June 30, 2011

They Almost Always Come Home

No, I'm not trying to horn in on Brie's territory over at The Book Brieview, but I just read a most amazing story. Gotta tell you about it. :)  (By the way, if you haven't been to Brie's, you really need to check it out!)

I recently read a few good books all in a row and suddenly found it extremely difficult to really 'get into' anything else. I started 7 or 8 novels and got no further than the first few pages of each before moving on and trying something else.

Then I grabbed this little number on my Kindle.

Best move I've made in a long while. ; )

This is probably classified as Inspirational or Christian fiction.  I was completely unaware of that when I started reading it, but it also never felt preachy.  Even if you are not into this type of novel, I urge you to give it a shot.  Ruchti has taken some less than pleasant subjects (yes, more than one) that would have had some authors crafting a depressing tale of woe, and penned one of the most hopeful stories I've read in recent years.  Her conversational writing style is a thing to treasure...she writes the way I think.  Scary?  I'm sure The Hubster would think so.  ; )  But there are plenty of you out there who just might get it

This is the very realistic story of a marriage and what can happen when men communicate like men and women communicate like...well, women.  Lessons learned?  Neither is exclusively right or wrong and (as I've preached for years) perception is reality.

This is not a book of answers for troubled marriages and I certainly hope that none of you ever has to experience the things that Greg and Libby do on these pages. However, I do think you'll be better for having read their story.  More understanding; more willing to listen with not just your head but also your heart; better able to find some way to reach out when you know you should; more willing to accept a helpful hand, a shoulder to lean on, the support of someone who loves you. 

Yes, this story is about all that.  And then some.

*One word of warning to Kindle users though:  The formatting of this novel on the Kindle is definitely less than ideal.  I'm not sure why but the page breaks are in awkward places, the authors name and the title appear on nearly every page.  Some sentences are centered and others are not.  But it is certainly readable and definitely worth the minor aggravation.