Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mom + Perri = An 18' Reptile

Okay, not literally.  But we did use our time together yesterday to make this:

We went out in search of jungle related items 
to decorate her 4H Camp cabin.
The theme this year is 
Welcome to the Jungle
and I think he fits right in!

He really is 18' long, too!  And when I left them at camp, he was stretched out across several beds:

(that's one of Perri's cabin mates standing by the door)
He pretty much took over the cabin.  ; )

Perri's counselor, Michele,
had already done an awesome job of decorating!
She had hung streamers 
across the ceiling like vines 
and had clusters of 
leaves here and there around the cabin.
She had also brought in several blow-up 
jungle animals and had them scattered about.
Plus there were safari hats on each bed 
and other cute touches throughout.
Their room just has to win the decorating contest this year!

We did have a good afternoon together.
I hope she will treasure the memories we made today.
I know I will.
: )