Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Feeling Quite Scentsible

I am walking through WalMart, attempting to remember the things written on the shopping list I left at home, when suddenly I am swept away. 

No, not by the nice looking young man stocking the shelves.  And not literally swept away.  It was more of a little mental vacation.

In reality I was here:
 In my mind I was here:
Not a bad trade, ya think?  

And now I'm sure you're wondering how I went from the torturous aisles of Wally World to this fantastically relaxing beach scene.  That's fine.  I'm more than willing to share my secret.

You need only two things, the first of which I'm pretty sure you have at home.  
Or wherever you might happen to be. 
The second thing you need is this particular aisle:
It also helps if some shopper before you has attempted to sniff
(or perhaps apply?) 
some of the potion inside of one of those bottles and just happens to have spilled a bit. 

I love it when a scent evokes a powerful memory or feeling.  Same thing with certain songs.  To this day I can't hear anything by Chicago (circa late 70s/early 80s) or The Commodores' Brick House without being at the Glasgow Pool of my childhood.

I say 'of my childhood' because I took my kids there last summer, for old times' sake, and it really just didn't feel the same way it did when I was growing up there.  Which is another lesson learned:  Our fondest memories are often glorified versions of the actual happenings.  Time tends to soften the rough edges and polish each to a gentle glow.  It also eliminates any unpleasant aspects that may tarnish the recollections of our good ol' days.

But that's a whole other blog post.  Back to the business at hand.  ; )

Another scent that will take me away is Downy softened towels
hanging on a clothesline in a gentle spring breeze. 

There I am, in the backyard of my childhood, grass tickling my bare feet as I weave my way through the damp towels, hoping Mom doesn't peek outside and catch me.  Touching the laundry on the lines was a no-no.  But what kid could resist that damp, sweet-smelling labyrinth, especially in those first barefoot warm days of springtime?

So tell me, what scents take you away?  Where do they take you?  What is it you'd love to smell right this minute, just so you could experience that memory/feeling?  Come on...spill it!  Inquiring minds want to know!  : )