Monday, June 13, 2011

My Bloomers

Not that kind of bloomers!

I'm referring to these:
 and these
 and these
 and these
 and these, too.
Then, of course, there are these...

I also have a question for you 
flower lovers out there...
What is this 
and what can I do to rid my flower bed of it?

A friend of mine gave me
many beautiful flowers 
and she also gave me 
great advice about what 
to plant in my beds and 
what to put elsewhere.
I didn't remember what was what.
You guessed it.
I planted in my beds 
a couple of things that really shouldn't
have gone there
and now they're taking over
I've been pulling things up
left and right 
only to find more growing 
the very next day.
So any advice?
Or better yet,
any volunteers to come
weed for me?