Friday, June 24, 2011

She's a Little Busy This Summer

Perri's calendar looks something like this:

Softball clinics, volleyball clinics, marching band practices, softball scrimmages, Youth Leadership Academy, 4H camp...these are just a few of the things that are occupying her time this summer. 
(This is a shot from last night's scrimmage.  Wicked sky, huh?  
It was beautiful and frightening, all at the same time.)

I love that she's busy and involved and enjoying this time in her life.  Really I do.  At her age, the most I did in the summertime was hang out at the city pool with my friends and keep my nose buried in a good book.  (Yeah, I was kinda geeky...) 

That being said, there is also something I must admit. 


She leaves for 4H Camp this evening and won't be home until late Tuesday night.  And today, since Tucker is gone with Brie and her family to see Cars 2 and do some other fun stuff, I do believe that this will be a Perri and Mom day.  : )  Not gonna do anything special.  I just want to enjoy her.  She is fun and she is funny; she is smart and she keeps things interesting.  She makes me laugh and she makes me think.  She is part me, part The Hubster....the good parts.  She is my Perri.  

So for now I'm outta here.  Gonna go enjoy my girl for a few hours and hope that it will do until she can pencil me in again.  ; )