Monday, June 27, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Another week has begun and I'm feeling like I'm running behind.  Again.  We've been so busy running here and there to watch our local Little League All Stars that there hasn't been a whole lot of downtime recently.  Oh well, that's what summer is for, right?  : )

2.  We spent Saturday visiting some of my family in Glasgow.  It's only an hour's drive but we don't make it down there often. It was good to have a semi-relaxed day of catching-up.  My Uncle George was telling me all sorts of family stories and I have politely requested  begged and pleaded for him to start writing these down!  I told him that if he would even just sit down with a tape recorder and record them, I would gladly transcribe them.  What a treasure to have!  He's among the last of my Daddy's few living siblings and he has a wealth of family history stored in that loveable head of his!   : )

3.  Okay, I confess.  My guilty conscience is eating away at me.  I smuggled illegal contraband into 4H Camp.  It consisted of this:
 and this:
What can I say.  Perri texted me (from her cell, which she's also not supposed to have at camp...) and she said 'please'.  But I also must admit that I'm not alone in this smuggling operation.  I happen to know another mom who carted in scads of McNuggets from the Golden Arches and 10 packs of tacos from Taco Bell.  (Don't worry, Lisa.  I won't tell. )   ; )

4.  I have much work to do today.  Bathrooms that need scrubbed, a refrigerator that needs cleaned out and a lawn that needs mowed.  And here I am.  Writing a blog post.  Kick me outta here, will ya?

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