Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas so far.......

Nowhere near done, but here is what we have so far:
My nutcrackers standing guard at the front door. That is Bob, our cat, lending a helping hand. :)

The family room tree is my largest. It has 1400 lights (50 of which are currently not functioning....of course) and tons of ornaments, all of which are barely visible in these pics. I'd like to blame it on a terrible camera but I cannot tell a lie. It is definitely operator error. Or operator stupidity. I'm completely incapable of taking a good picture.

My Christmas village. I love this little village. One of the houses and the little Curiosity Shoppe have issues with their lights going off and coming on again at random times. We like to pretend that the people living in the house work at the Shoppe and when the lights go out at home, they're on the way to work. Then the light comes on in the Shoppe and we know they've arrived safely. Sometimes it takes a little longer because they have to stop at the bank or possibly the Dairy Shoppe on the way to work, but they eventually get there. Then the lights go off in the Shoppe and back on at home, so evidently they needed to run home for something.

We have very little to amuse us here in the cow pasture. :)

And finally the front of the house, complete with a section of lights ALREADY OUT!!! How frustrating! And of course it is a section on that peak, so it will have to wait until Josh is home to fix it.

Trying to get up the energy to tackle the nutcracker and Santa collections, and maybe even another tree or two. We shall see. Today is the first day I have had the house to myself since last Tuesday. After being so busy for the past few days, I may just take it easy.



  1. Your house looks beautiful! Love the village on top of the cabinets. Grr..I hate it when a strand of lights go out!

  2. Thank you, Stacey! :) Yeah, those lights are a peever. I've changed the fuses, checked the bulbs, etc. That's so hard to do when they're already on the tree! Still, 1/2 of that 100-light strand just will not burn. SO aggravating!


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