Monday, November 16, 2009

I know it seems early, but....

We normally don't work around here on Sundays, but there was something we felt compelled to get done yesterday. I myself don't really consider it to be work because I think it's FUN.

We put up our Christmas lights. Now just because they're on the house doesn't mean they have to be turned on yet, and they won't be until the Friday after Thanksgiving. But there were so many reasons to go ahead and get them on the house.

Reason 1: We've been having unseasonably warm weather here. In the seventies and beautiful blue skies and sunshine. It made sense to do it before the rain, colder temps and blustery winds move in here later this week.

Reason 2: I just love everything Christmas and I'm always in a good mood when the lights are going up and the trees and other decorations are being planned. I get the warm-fuzzies, don't you? :)

Reason 3: The hubster was willing. That's a very good reason.

Reason 4: This one is actually the BIGGEST reason. He's about 6'4" and 230 lbs. His name is Josh. He's my son-in-law and he works out of town. He leaves on Sunday evening and comes home on Thursday night. And best of all, he's a lineman. You know what that means, right?

It means he's not afraid of heights!

Did I happen to mention that we live in a two story house with a very HIGH peak in the center?

I don't do heights. Any heights. Three steps up a ladder and I start to get the shakes, my stomach is tied in knots, I break out in a sweat. And that's when the hubster is the one on the ladder. You ought to see me when I'm the one doing the climbing!

So today I am very grateful for Josh and his fearless climbing abilities. Like I tell my daughter all the time, he's a keeper!


  1. Josh is definitely a keeper! Such a good fit to your wonderful family. :)

  2. Oh, I love Christmas lights, but could never, EVER string them!!

  3. Sure you could! It just takes the right balance of Christmas spirit, patience, artistic ability and insanity. ;)


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