Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a weekend!

The last couple of days have been something else! Busy and productive, which is so much better than busy and fruitless. I needed these last two days to make me feel 'caught up'. Lately I've been feeling like I'm lagging behind, not keeping up, and just basically sitting back and watching it happen as opposed to running to catch up.

After the weekend I've had, I feel better about it all. And I'm caught up.

Well, sort of.

At least now I have made a pretty good dent in my Christmas shopping. Thanksgiving dinner for 13 is planned and the shopping is done. My house is clean enough for company. I even picked up table decorations for Thursday's dinner! If you know me at all I'm sure you are shocked by this. I haven't decorated a dinner table since...well, probably since last Thanksgiving. I love fall things and this seems to be the one holiday that allows me to use the colors and things that I love.

I guess if you have to be known for your expertise at making one holiday meal a little more special, a girl could do a lot worse than Thanksgiving. :)

So progress was made in leaps and bounds over the weekend. I was going to begin wrapping packages tonight but decided that a pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk (no, I didn't eat the entire thing!) and the American Music Awards sounded a little more relaxing. So I'm watching some really strangely dressed people make some incredibly peculiar music and win not-so-attractive trophies for doing so. But hey, at least I'm chillin' on the bed with a few fluffy pillows and a nice cozy quilt and not sitting in the floor, breaking my back and getting paper cuts. So even if the packages don't get wrapped tonight, I think relaxing and rejuvenating is a form of progress, too.

Don't you? :)

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