Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Legacy of a Giving Man

I got a message on Facebook from Brie last night. It was a logo she created. She cut one out of vinyl and she's going to adhere it to a box or basket that she's going to donate to a needy family this Christmas. She's filling the box/basket with a blanket, a coat, mittens, socks, non-perishable food, etc.

The really cool part (aside from helping the needy, which is obvious) is the logo itself. Now stay with me.

My Daddy, Peck Tucker, was a giver. He went to Kroger every morning and picked up day old baked goods from the bakery and other items from the dairy section, meat department and frozen foods that had expired the day before but were still safe to consume and he distributed them to families all around the Kanawha Valley. He had this agreement with Kroger management for years and when his 'route' became so large that it was getting a little bit out of hand, he also had an arrangement with some friends who lived in one of the needier areas of the valley. They cleared out an area of their garage and set up tables where Daddy could drop off a truckload of food and people in that vicinity could stop in to pick it up. He would also receive phone calls from people who had loads of gently worn clothing to donate, bedding and blankets, kitchen appliances, etc. He always found a home for things. Daddy was never reimbursed for the gasoline he used and didn't want to be. In fact, he would have been insulted.

That's the kind of guy he was. He was pretty awesome.

I've always said that when I hit the Powerball ;) I have all intentions of starting a charitable organization in Daddy's name. This organization will distribute food and clothing to the needy, picking up where he left off. Every year at Christmas we donate items requested to a needy family, but I want to do this on a larger scale someday, just like Daddy did.

In creating this logo, Brie has named the organization. She was only doing this for the box she was making but I got so excited when I saw it and I want to run with it. I think it is PERFECT!

And here it is...

(Click on logo for a larger view!)

"A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!" That was a huge part of my childhood. I LOVE this! ;)

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