Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aggravated and Excited...(yeah, both at the same time)

Okay, first the aggravation.

Haven't been able to connect to the internet all day long. ALL day long.

This is so frustrating for me. I am terribly addicted to reading (and writing) blogs, and of course I must have my daily Facebook fix. ;) Plus there is this private board where I hang out with some of my best friends.

Being unable to connect makes for a very long day.

But enough of that.

Now on to some excitement!

We gave away our first Bushel and a Peck basket today!

This makes me very happy! :) I would love to be able to do this at least once a month, building it up as we go and eventually be able to hand out baskets much more often. But that takes time and patience. Time...I have. Patience...well, let's just say I'm workin' on it. ;) I'm just so excited to be able to do this in memory of my Daddy. I'm sure he's up there smiling. :) Daddy was always giving and doing for others. I want his grandchildren to live up to the great legacy he's left them and to want to continue to do as much good in the world as he did.

Now, sorry to say, there was a little more aggravation after the excitement. :(

I took pics during my special lunch date yesterday and had all intentions of sharing them with you, but lo and behold...CAMERA ISSUES, TOO!!! Actually, it's my iPhone camera. What a pain it can be at times. The pics show up in the camera roll, but do not show up when I try to post them. Majorly irritating, but certainly not the end of the world.

Still, you'll just have to take my word for it that Hayden and I had a great time. :) We went to Taco Bell and he had the new Flatbread Chicken and Cheese thingamajig. He wasn't crazy about the flatbread, but he sure loved the chicken!

But my rollercoaster day isn't over yet. More excitement!!! :)

I made a trip to the library today and got an entire STACK of books that look really, really good!

YAY for a good read! I LOVE trying new authors and can't wait to dig in. I'll let you know which titles were great, which were so-so and which you should leave on the shelf.

I like ending on a high note

so I think I'd better go now before something else aggravating occurs.

Aggravating endings are not good.

Happy endings are VERY good.



  1. I would go crazy without my internet! I don't know how you made it all day! I would of gone to a friends house to use their computer. lol

  2. What a day of ups and downs!! I don't think I have ever had one quite like yours, Kelli!!

    I'm glad you had a good lunch with Hayden and found all those great books at the library. I know whenever I make a book run, I come home feeling so good! And I do have a stack...I am just trying to get through my magazines that come in the mail. I am proud that last night I read two, cover to cover!! Still have 3 books I am reading at once! lol!!

    Hope tomorrow is a bit more even keel!! :-)


  3. Congrats on the first of MANY Bushel and a Peck baskets :) I think that is AWESOME and I want to contribute ~ just let me know if there is ever anything I can help with!

    I'm sorry about your internet and camera issues ... hopefully they get resolved soon because I'd love to see new pics of the Hay-man!

  4. I love happy endings and sounds like your day ended on a happy note! Good book reading!

  5. Well, in spite of all the difficulties, you did have a date with a handsome young man :-) He's a cutie! We love the library too. Sorry about your internet problems though. I hope tomorrow is better.

  6. Lots of High's & Lows in your day - at least you weren't too bored (aggravated, but not bored!). Tomorrow will be a better day, Scarlett!


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