Sunday, January 31, 2010

For the FIRST time EVER!

Some firsts are worth celebrating.

First word.

First steps.

First love.

But there are other firsts that aren't all that. I wrote about one of those kinds of firsts here, but this isn't nearly as bad as all that. Still, it was a little sad. :(

Today we had our very first ever bad experience at Olive Garden.

Our waiter, Chris, who happened to look just like this,

(Jeremy Piven, in case you aren't familiar)
served our meals and shortly thereafter my Mom commented "They sure don't overcook their pasta, do they?" with a roll of her eyes. I let this go. You'd have to know my Mom.

Then Tucker says "My ziti isn't done."

(This is the earth, NOT turning. You see, Tucker NEVER complains at OG! NEVER!!!)

At the same time I cut into my pansotti (that new dish they're advertising...YUMMO!) and when I put the bite into my mouth, it was cold.

Not lukewarm.

Not even room temp.

But COLD like THIS is cold:

The plate was hot, the sauce was hot and the sausage was hot.

But the pansotti was very, very cold.

Phil's was, too.

And Mom wasn't just complaining for fun. Their ziti was not cooked.

So when Jeremy....uhhhhhhh, CHRIS returned to inquire about our meals, we had to tell him.

Have I told you how much I hate complaining when dining out? I can always imagine the waiter spitting in my plate prior to returning it.

Doesn't look very trustworthy, does he?

But Chris seemed okay. After all, he isn't the one who didn't fully cook our meals.

Of course, they had to prepare brand new dishes for my Mom and Tucker, but mine and Phil's only needed heated. We told Chris. He said they could absolutely prepare new plates. We INSISTED that they simply nuke them in the microwave. No sense in wasting all that perfectly wonderful food.

When our food was served a second time, it couldn't have BEEN more perfect!
Hot and delicious and perfect, as we ALWAYS expect at OG. :)

The manager then makes his way to our table, apologizes profusely, and says they will comp two of our meals to make up for their mistakes. We told him that was NOT necessary, that we eat there very often and certainly would not let one slightly off-kilter experience keep us away. He insisted. We thanked him.

Then we ordered Black Tie Mousse Cake to go and headed out. :)

And I meant what I said, Mr. Olive Garden Manager.

Just like Schwarzenegger...



  1. least it was good the second time! I miss Olive Garden, haven't eaten there in so long! I love their breadsticks! I hate to complain when eating out, too, but sounds like it all worked out great, so glad! :)

  2. What a sweet spirit you have. There are days when places seem off. We had a not so great experience at Red Lobster on Saturday...but just rolled with it. It's better to always show people a little grace!

  3. Great story Kelli. My husband and I met when we both worked at a restaurant. It was called The Good Earth, but it later became an Olive Garden. So I'm always a little sentimental about that place. You handled it well.
    Have a great week!

  4. Unfortunately we all have bad days sometimes and it sounds like it made it bad for all of you. What a spirit of graciousness you had!


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