Sunday, January 17, 2010

Slow and Simple Sunday

That's always the way I've viewed Sundays. It is a day to slow down, go to church, spend some time with the family and enjoy a restful, peaceful day.

Not so much today. It seems that the busy schedule that eats up so many of the other days of my week is now infringing upon my Sunday! :(

We made it to church this morning after missing several Sundays in a row due to bad weather, illness and my husband's work schedule. I don't like missing that much church and I certainly don't like the kids missing so much.

Now we're home for a few minutes to change clothes and get ready for Perri's once-monthly 4H meeting. That's not so's only once a month, after all. And the benefits of being involved in 4H are too numerous to count.

But then, when we get home from 4H she has to get ready for softball conditioning. It goes from 5 until 7 this evening.

Where is that down time? What happened to that special Sunday pace that set this day apart from the other 6?

I'm not sure.

But I'm definitely gonna look into it.


is just too important.


  1. I feel for you...but ,sometimes I get a bit bored on Sundays. Today we went for a drive, it was actually sunny for awhile. Then had a nice dinner out. Took a bit of the boredom away!!


  2. Our Sunday's are usually spent at home. Our church has Saturday night and Sunday morning services, and we started going on Saturday night about 6 years ago. It was hard to get used to at first (having grown up always going on Sunday) but we did finally get used to it, and we love our relaxing Sundays. Of course, I have kids that work at the church, helping in various ways, so we're often taking and picking them up :-)

  3. Sundays are usually a welcome break to the fast pace of the rest of the week. I enjoy the "slower" day. Hope next Sunday is that way for you & yours.


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