Monday, January 11, 2010

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January 11, 2009

Outside my window... we still have LOTS of snow on the ground and plenty of deer scavenging for food.

I am thinking... that the house is really quiet with the kids gone to school for the first time in a week. And I miss them.

I am thankful for... chances. First, second and otherwise. Sometimes, in spite of our best intentions, we manage to make a mess of things. Isn't it nice when you get a do-over? :)

From the kitchen... there will be re-purposed leftovers. (Isn't THAT an interesting way to put it? ;) ) Yesterday's dinner was a beef roast with potatoes, carrots and onions. I also made some gravy because Phil loves open-faced roast beef sandwiches (the kids and I? Not so much.) and that will be his dinner this evening. I'll figure out something else for the rest of us. I'll also be making a small pot of beef stew to reheat later in the week. I love having LOTS of leftovers from a roast! And last night I baked an angel food cake for the first time in YEARS!

I am wearing... Okay, I'll be honest. I wore my pajamas when I took the kids to school and I'm STILL wearing my pajamas! But hey, it's 9* out there and these fleece pants are much warmer than anything else I own!

I am creating... a story. I'm trying to get back into my writing again. With the kids back in school I'm hoping to spend a little time each day weaving my tale. I feel so much more centered when I am able to make the time for my writing.

I am going... to the post office later to pick up my NEW LAPTOP BATTERY! I'm excited!!! (Can you tell?) Thanks to the $100 Amazon gift card I won from The Pioneer Woman's movie trivia quiz last week, I was able to go ahead and order it now.

I am reading... Still A Page Out of Life by Kathleen Reid and I'm not making much progress. Too much else on my mind to get into it. I did get email notification last night that the books I ordered (with the aforementioned gift card, too) have been shipped. Hopefully they'll be really good attention-holders!

I am hoping... to experience contentment once again. I've been at loose ends lately and for no really good reason. Perhaps cabin fever is beginning to set in?

I am hearing... the weather forecast for the week and it involves a warming trend on Thursday. All the way up into the 40s, or so they say!

Around the house... I've accomplished much the last few days! I did get those closets organized. Now I need to work on the coat/storage closet downstairs.

One of my favorite things... is this flannel quilt I'm curled up in at the moment. :) So warm and cozy.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I really don't have much planned. This will be one of those 'wingin' it' weeks. I'm sure a trip into town will occur at some point because I so need to get out of the house. We went to Brie's yesterday for a couple of hours to visit with my cousin and her family <---(this is a link to her blog...check her out!) and I got to hold and cuddle the amazing creation pictured below...little Logan.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
How precious is that?!?!?


  1. Wow - congrats on winning a Pioneer Woman drawing!!! She always has SOOO many people entered in them! Your picture is precious!

  2. Who doesn't love a sleeping baby?
    Precious indeed!
    I always enjoy reading your Blog!

  3. Hey, I recognize that baby ;) That's a sweet lookin' kid!!!! Thank you for the linky!!!!!!!

  4. Kelli, I don't remember whose post I was looking at when I found you. I read your response in her comments and enjoyed them, so decided to go to your blog. I also enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. Sounds like you are having the cold weather that we are having here in east Texas. We have been down in the teens, which is rare for our area. My sister says the fleece is the way to go to keep warm though! So enjoy it and have a very good week.

  5. Hope you are having a good week!! Karen


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