Friday, January 29, 2010

To regift or not to regift...

THAT is the question!

Some of my friends and I have been discussing the practice and wondering just how PC it really is.

I confess. I have a regifting closet.

I know I'm not the only one. Admit it. You've received a gift from someone that made you think...'SERIOUSLY? Do I LOOK like someone who would WANT this?'

Or worse yet...'THESE made him think of ME???'

There should be a tag attached to some gifts that warns:


So tell me, what is your take on regifting?
Is it totally okay, no matter the circumstances?
Is it only okay if the person who gave you the gift doesn't know the person to whom you are regifting?
Should the regifting be done blatantly ("I got this and I'll never use it but I thought it was something you'd like.")
Or is it okay to wrap it up and present it as a true 'I bought this just for you!' gift?

I have an opinion (you knew that already, right?) but I will not express it until I hear from a few of you. I'm just curious and you know what curiosity did to the cat.

Just a little self preservation going on here. ;)


  1. Kelli
    I myself have never matter how bad the gift is i have always felt it was given in good faith that i would keep it.
    Maybe i was regifted and didnt know it.
    I have some things that pile up i will never wear/use..and after years it just ends up in a yard sale or trash. I know thats a me bad thing to say but just being honest.

  2. I love this!! OK, yes, I have regifted and will continue as needed! : ) I have to admit, a few times I have said, someone gave this to me, I don't need it, I thought you would enjoy it, etc. Othertimes, not a word. Sometimes I would just keep a duplicate of some item instead of taking it back, etc. and then give it away. I honestly don't have a problem with giving or receiving a regifted item, it is still the thought that counts. :)

  3. I have never re-gifted either. I don't have the guts to, and I would feel bad doing it. I think if I did it, I would have to do it blatantly.

  4. If the item is appropriate for someone else (meaning you would buy it for them if you found it in a store) and if the giver of said item won't know that you have re-gifted and have hurt feelings, I see nothing wrong it the practice.

    Perhaps the gift was a duplicate (two books, two of the same CD) or maybe the gift was just not right for you (imported teas and you never ever drink or serve tea). Giving your sister-in-law a chia pet that you got from Aunt Lulu isn't quite the same thing unless your sister-in-law has a thing for chia pets!

  5. Like anything else, regifting has to be done with some taste and forethought. I NEVER regift just to rid myself of something I don't want, but I do regift when I have something I think someone else would really enjoy. Perhaps the color wasn't right for me, but totally goes with their decor, or perhaps I was given a book (I NEVER read) but I know they would enjoy reading it, etc. Regifting can be a smart, thoughtful act if done right.

  6. I have thought about it and I just can't do it. It's not honest. It saves us money and that's the only reason we would do it. But it's dishonest and if you were found out you would lose the trust in the relationship and then there would be no relationship. Is it worth it?


  7. I regift!!! :) The person who gave it to me knows nothing about it, and I put thought into giving it away ... I don't do it just to "get rid of it". I have been given things that I would never use, have tried to take them back unsuccessfully and got stuck with it. I wouldn't be offended if I found out that someone regifted something I gave them ... once it's out of your hands, it's not really "your" concern, ya know? OH, and if it's an item that I really can't get rid of, Hello Goodwill!!! : )


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