Sunday, January 24, 2010

While I Was Away...

I haven't been been able to post for a couple of days due to connectivity issues (again) but I had plenty to keep me busy. Still, I miss this place when I can't stop in, share a few thoughts, and see what all of you are doing, too. I can read on my phone (and could post from there, too, IF I had the patience...) but it just isn't the same as sitting down at the computer and having a full-sized screen to view your terrific pics and read your amazing words.

Friday ended up (quite unexpectedly, I might add) being date night for Phil and me. Brie offered to take the kids and let us have an evening at home alone to watch movies or whatever, but then Phil (who went on call starting Friday evening) offered to get someone to cover for him for a few hours so we could actually go out to dinner and possibly a movie. What a pleasant surprise! :)

So we ended up going to Charleston to shop and I spent the two gift cards I received for my birthday. One was from Coldwater Creek and the other from Christopher and Banks, so those were the two stores we hit first. I did VERY well at C&B, getting 30% off my purchase since I bought at least 3 items. Here are a couple of the things I got...
(NOT to wear together, mind you! Just a couple of pieces I needed. And the blouse is SO much cuter in person!)
The really good news is that I was able to get that skirt in an 8! An 8!!! I haven't worn anything that small in YEARS.

At CC I paid entirely too much (I think they're terribly overpriced) but got two very pretty blouses. Unfortunately, CC's website won't let me post the pics here. Here are the links to them if you want to go take a peek:
Orange blouse.
Navy blouse.

Then we hit for dinner, which is always good. It was nice to have a 'grown-up' dinner conversation for a change. ;) We decided we'd rather come home and watch a DVD than to go to a movie theater so that's just what we did. We watched this:
Good movie. I can always watch Mark Wahlberg. :)

Nice evening. :) Thank you, Brie!

Since I had trouble staying connected yesterday, I ended up hitting that stack of books I picked up last week. Right now I'm reading this:

If you like Debbie Macomber (which I do) I think you'll like this, too. Just an easy, enjoyable read. I wasn't in the mood for something heavy.

Today has been pretty relaxed, too. Had our Sunday chicken dinner and we've just been chillin' since then. :)

Hope all of you are having a wonderfully relaxing weekend, too. You deserve it! :)

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  1. Sounds like a PERFECT day all the way around! Hope your week is wonderful too!!! Hugs, Coralie


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