Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I hit the mother lode!

Lots and lots of old photos! :)

I traveled south yesterday to pick up my Mom and bring her up to visit for a few days. While I was there I happened to think about all of the pictures and picture albums she has stashed in a cabinet in her tv room.

So I boxed them up and brought them with us. Now I am going to start scanning.

This could take a while.

But I can't wait to share some of these older shots with you!

Dental appointment this morning, taking Mom shopping for a bit, then back here to do a few things around the house and cook dinner.

This evening's dinner?

Salmon patties

Potato cakes

Peas and carrots

and either


I'll wait to decide which bread I'm making, but I'm leaning toward the cornbread. ;)

What's for dinner at your house this evening?


  1. I haven't had salmon patties in SO long. My mother used to make them. She also made a white sauce that she poured over them. Oh, yum.

    Have fun with your mother. I miss mine so.


  2. Oh goodness, you're making my mouth water! I'm still on my coffee, and haven't considered dinner yet. Lately, it's been a bowl of Special K with a banana thrown in. I'm slacking in the dinner department.

    Yeah, I hope you make a magnetic board for P's room :) They're beyond simple!

  3. You'll get lost in those photo albums, but that is a good thing. :)

    Tonight's dinner is sauteed perch, a salad and maybe buttered noodles.

  4. Cornbread...always cornbread! I love looking at older pictures. I was just saying that I need to scan the ones that my dad gave to me. Last night...potato soup!


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