Monday, January 4, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook


January 4, 2009

Outside my window... is a winter wonderland! :) It is absolutely beautiful. About three inches on the ground so far and more coming down steadily. I LOVE it!

I am thinking... that school is dismissing 2 hours early (just got the call) and it was pretty silly for them to have opened today at all. When I left here with the kids this morning you couldn't even see the road!

I am thankful for... my nice, warm home. It is so very cold and going to be even colder next weekend.

From the kitchen... I am making homemade chicken pot pie for this evening. The chicken is cooking now and smells SO good! :)

I am wearing... jeans, a heavy sweater and my silk long underwear! :)

I am creating... not much today. :( I'm having trouble focusing on a project right now. Just too much on my mind.

I am going... to brave the icy roads to go pick up my kids. Wish me luck!

I am reading... A Page Out of Life by Kathleen Reid

I am hoping... that we get home safely and have a nice evening playing board games, working on a jigsaw puzzle, and maybe baking some cookies later.

I am hearing... an annoying commercial for a local attorney. I wish they would run all the commercials at the beginning or the end of a program.

Around the house... I'm going to start reorganizing the linen closet and both upstairs bathroom closets. My quilt collection is taking over the linen closet and I must get things organized!

One of my favorite things... Spending the day at home when there is a blanket of white on the ground outside and lots more coming down! I'm really looking forward to getting the kids home. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: A meeting at school tomorrow evening, a run into town for groceries sometime tomorrow afternoon, and being able to report later in the week that those closets are done! :)

Here is picture (or three :) )for thought I am sharing... The miracles that are snowflakes. Aren't they gorgeous? And perfect? :)

If you'd like to participate in The Simple Woman's Daybook, just click here. And many thanks to Peggy for allowing me to play along! :)


  1. I was thinking about making homemade chicken pot pie tonight. Sounds yummy!

    I'm ready for the snow to go away!

  2. It sounds as though you have a "peaceful" heart, Kelli. Winter is a great time for contentment and peace. Hope you had no problems navigating the roads to pick up the kids...It's dry here, but cold.

  3. Those snowflakes are beautiful! We could use a few more of those here, the ones we have are getting "stale" and dingy.

  4. Hi kelli,
    I so enjoyed reading your Woman's daybook, I also read some previous posts and enjoyed them, what a nice visit I have had tonight.


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