Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A funny little story to share

My little Tucker Man is a funny guy. He keeps us giggling a lot of the time. Saturday morning was no exception.

Okay, so it wasn't funny right at first because it was 5 o'clock in the morning. But later on we were able to see the humor in it.

I am sleeping soundly when I feel a tap on my back. There stands Tucker in his little boxer briefs (being hot-natured, this is how he sleeps) trembling from head to toe, saying "There are two HUGE bugs on my wall!"

"Tucker", I say, "you are dreaming. Get in bed." I motion for him to get into my bed because I am far too comfortable to get up and deal with imaginary insects at that point in time. It is just easier to let him snuggle up between his daddy and me and go back to sleep.

"No, Mom! Honest! They're real! I even pinched myself!" he insists, as he pulls the covers up under his chin. Even half asleep, I have to grin at this. Only Tucker would think to pinch himself to be sure he wasn't dreaming.

I assure him we will deal with it when it is daylight and he snuggles up close to me and settles right back into a sound sleep. There is no better sleep than when your child is snuggled up close to you. Know what I mean?

We all awaken around 9-ish (yes we slept until nine...I know that's terrible but it had been a long and busy week!) and Tucker is still insistent that he has seen two huge bugs on his wall. They were 'this' long (he held his finger and thumb about 3" apart and 'this' wide (about an inch or so) and they had long fuzzies all over them! Oh my.

His daddy and I both tease him a little and assure him it was a dream that just seemed very real.

Then Phil gets dressed and heads downstairs and I begin my morning routine in the bathroom. Tucker goes to his room to get some clothes then suddenly he appears in the bathroom doorway and says "Mom! They're still THERE!!! In the very same SPOT!!!"

I admit I am stunned. I know he is wide awake. So I do what any mom would do when faced with insects, rodents or any other crawling, scurrying or slithering life form. I tell him to go get his dad. I don't do bugs.

I rinse the toothpaste from my mouth and head down the hall to his room just as he and his dad are coming up the steps. And that's when I see them.

No, they aren't these:

And they don't look as gruesome as this:

And they aren't as menacing as this:

Oddly enough, they look a lot like Spongebob.

Or at least his feet.

This is Tucker's Spongebob pillow doing an impersonation of two HUGE, fuzzy bugs.

Did I mention that Tucker wears glasses? Unfortunately he inherited his dad's poor eyesight and without his glasses, he has problems. Without his glasses and with only the light of a small nightlight several feet from his bed, Spongebob's feet become large, fuzzy insects crawling on the wall by his bed. We all had a really good laugh right then and there!

What a blessing that child is. He not only makes us laugh but he's capable of laughing at himself, which I find to be a very admirable quality.

And he's a really great snuggler. :)


  1. This is so funny, and I really thought you were going to find centipedes or something. Sponge Bob!! It is scary not to have your glasses on at night...I see imaginary shadows, but it is usually my imagination and sometimes the dog! lol!!


  2. Kelli, I read those magazines, and I don't think I ever recognized her in them! The first one is a little hottie!

  3. That is too funny! Sounds like the plot of a really bad supposed to be scary movie...Attack of the Sponge Bob Feet!


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