Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Insanity of it All!

I have two words that should explain the title of this post.



We made the mistake of going there today. A Saturday. With both kids. And only 11 1/2 shopping days left.

Again I say....oy.

Have I told you lately that I don't really like shopping in crowds of rude, inconsiderate shoppers who seem to be out for blood? (Actually, I think I did.)

But the good news is ****drumroll,please**** I'M DONE!!! :)

Well, almost done would be more accurate.

What exactly do you get a husband who has everything, especially when you already told your son, your daughter and everyone else who kept asking what to get him, every single thing he had even hinted that he might like to have? I do this to myself every year.

Anyway, the hubster is the last one for whom I need to find something. It isn't as if he has no package from me to open on Christmas, but it is certainly nothing at all impressive. I always try to get him a small something-or-other, maybe two...then one really nice present. And time is running out.

Trouble is that in the next 11 1/2 days I know that the mall is not going to get any better. The shoppers won't be any less rude and inconsiderate. In all likelihood the merchandise in the stores won't change a lot either, so even if I dare to throw myself amidst the throngs of crazed, bargain-seeking, elbow-thrusting, credit card wielding barbarians...probably still won't find anything suitable.

So on Monday, as soon as the kids are out the door to school and the hubster is out the door to work, I'll grab my laptop and start surfin' the net for ideas. I may even do so in my PJs. While sipping a nice hot cup of cocoa. That's the kind of shopping I do enjoy. COMFY shopping.

And the last time I wore my PJs to the mall all I got were lots of stares. ;)


  1. You couldn't pay me to go near the mall in the next 12 days!

  2. Online shopping is a great idea! I have to go to the mall for one gift and I'm not looking forward to it. Ooh and that idea about the batches of cookies is great! I will have to try that and then be able to have cookies on hand...I'd just have to try and keep my hubby out of the dough!


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