Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wow, life here has been busy! The inlaws came yesterday because it was the hubster's birthday and we were celebrating last night. He always requests cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese and chocolate milk for his birthday dinner. What's up with that? I can think of a HUNDRED meals I'd rather have for my birthday! But it's easy so I guess I shouldn't complain.

This morning Papaw has taken the kids to Christmas shop, Mamaw is downstairs entertaining herself (probably with a book), the hubster is still snoozing, and I figured I'd better check in here before hopping in the shower. I hate missing a day blogging! Already I'm totally addicted.

Later, as the inlaws head home, we are heading out to pick up a few last minute Christmas things and then trying to get home before the nasty weather that is expected this evening moves in. Hopefully I'll get to make a REAL blog entry then. If not, I'll tell you this now...

Unfortunately, didn't happen. :( This makes me very sad. We NEVER miss a night during December, but with company and so much going on, Tucker got really sleepy and I had him all tucked in before I even thought of it. We'll try to make up for it tonight when we read a couple more short stories from Cynthia Rylant's

Hope to catch ya later! :)


  1. I'm still addicted, and I started this in April! I love it!
    Good luck shopping. I wouldn't want to be near the stores today!
    By the can keep the 2 pounds!

  2. My husband's birthday is tomorrow. My boys are coming home for the weekend to celebrate (they have finals next week), and we plan to put up our tree while they're all here. It's sure getting busy around here!

  3. Hi, Kelli, Happy belated birthday to your hubby! You mentioned that you would like to know what I put in my homemade potpourri. Here is where you can find that:

    I don't put the rosemary in it though. I hope you have a terrific weekend!!! Karen

  4. Stacey, obviously your generosity is limitless! But I'm perfectly willing to send the pounds back to you! ;)
    Marcia, I hope you enjoy the family time this weekend. Happy birthday to your hubby! :)
    Karen, I'll pass along your birthday wishes. Thanks! And thanks for the potpourri recipe!


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