Friday, December 18, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

We're supposed to get SNOW tonight! This makes me very happy! And being in a happy mood makes me want to share it with everyone around! I thought I'd put together a few shots of the things that make the Christmas season so special to me.

There are many things about Christmas that I love, but my favorite part isn't something that can be photographed or painted. It is a feeling; a warmth and a hope and a love that we should all strive harder to experience throughout the year and not just during the month of December. Perhaps the following things will make you feel what I feel when I see them. :)

First there is this.
There is nothing like a beautifully painted nativity to bring the Christmas spirit home to me. And then there is this, a quiet and tender moment to celebrate the meaning of it all.

The rest are things that, while not as important as those first two, really bring back the wonderful memories I have of Christmases past and fill me with hope for the Christmases yet to come. I want my old fashioned Christmas carols (Burl Ives and Roger Whitaker are MUSTS!), the aroma of orange and clove, the television specials of my childhood (Christmas just isn't complete until I hear Linus recite the Christmas scripture...such sweetness in that voice!), and beautiful snow scenes, a Christmas tree and a fireplace, good Christmas books, the old movie standards (I still get teary when Clarence gets his wings!). They're all essential for me. They make me HAPPY! And when you're happy, it isn't so difficult to spread the love, now is it? :)

And last, but most certainly not least, there are babies. :)
Drew and Brie

Perri and Tucker

Hayden, my grandson. The pic is from last year but I couldn't resist. Just too perfect! :)


  1. I have that Burl Ives Christmas CD. It's one of my favorites, too!! We're having snow tonight and tomorrow also. Thank you for sharing your favorite things about Christmas!! I enjoyed seeing your family pictures. Darling grandson :)

  2. We share a lot of the favorite things, Kelli!

    Happy holidays!



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