Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Please tell me it isn't going to be one of those days!

First off, this was in my bed this morning, courtesy of nightmares:

Not a lot of rest when he's in bed with you, but I don't really mind. :) These days will be gone before I know what hit me, and I will miss them.

Then I'm watching Today and I see Specialist Hughes (one of our many brave soldiers in Afghanistan) who was asked if he wanted to say hello to anyone back home. He said "I wanna say hello to my parents, but I especially want to say hello to my wife. I miss you, baby!" and everyone there was like 'Awwwwwwwwwww!' He grinned a little, but went on to say "We've been married for 4 months now and since we've been married we've only been together about 2 days and I really, really miss her." And he was teary-eyed and looked away from the camera, his chin quivering.

My heart is breaking. :( And I know that his story is not the only one like this.

Agree with this war or not, we have to think about our troops and the sacrifices they are making.
God bless them all.

On to the mundane...

I have more laundry to do, vacuuming, mopping, dinner planning (something quick and easy...busy evening ahead, too) and I must bake something for later tonight. You see, it is Christmas program time. Both kids will be singing tonight...in different schools. :( Break my heart, why don't ya!

Tucker's starts at 6 at the elementary school. Perri's starts at 7 at the middle school. It is about a 15 minute drive between them when there is any traffic at all. Tucker's should be over by 6:30. Yeahsureright. We know how that goes. Perri's is a chorus concert and her choir goes first. Of course. They'll begin at 7 sharp. If I can just get there and at least get in the door before their last song, I'll be happy.

Better get busy. I hope each of you reading this has a peaceful and blessed day today. Relax a little for me, if you can. :)

Christmas Reading

Last night's was...
Guess who chose that one? :)

Tonight's will be...
I chose tonight's selection! :)
This is one of the best little collections of Christmas short stories ever. Cynthia Rylant is a favorite of ours anyway, and has been since my two older kids were reading children's books. This book contains my favorite Christmas short story every written...The Christmas Tree Man. I LOVE that story! If you've never read it, you really must try to track down a copy of this book. All the stories are good, but you'll absolutely adore the story of Garnet Ash and his Christmas tree farm.
This book also contains The Christmas Train, based on the true story of a train that travels through Appalachia each year in December, because one wealthy man wants to be sure that even the poorest of the poor get at least a little something for Christmas.


  1. Why do the schools do that to us?? You would think they would coordinate their recitals!

    Maybe tomorrow you can rest! :)

  2. You are truly being split down the middle. We went through this when our boys were in Little League. Only 1 school year apart, one year they'd be on the same team, the next, not. Run, run, run...us/them!!

    Kelli, you did nail it in your post, days like this won't last forever. Sometimes I have a bit too much time on my hands and start to have that good old pity party. Please...grab it by the horns and live in the moment. :-)


  3. I knew I forgot to add something when I posted this today. Whoever gets downstairs first each morning always turns on the trees and plugs in the garlands on the stair railing and around the French doors, plugs in the Christmas village, etc. Lately, that person has been Tucker. :) He loves Christmas and everything that goes with it.

    This morning I was the first one down and I did the honors. Tucker walked into the family room just as I was flipping the switch for the big tree. I didn't even look that direction, just turned it on and went back toward the kitchen. He says "Uh, Mom?" I looked and the entire upper half of the tree was DARK! :( I wanted to cry! Luckily, after getting them off to school, I was able to repair the damage by changing some fuses.

    Whew! Crisis averted! :)

  4. I will have to try and track down a copy! :)



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