Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are you missing anything?

It could be that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed today because I have two kids participating in two different sports activities on opposite sides of town at the same time and I can't clone myself so that I can attend both.

It could also be that I'm draggin' a little due to the fact that lately I can't seem to fall asleep and stay there all night long. Insomnia is not my friend.

It could just be that I'm such a sentimental fool that I not only tear-up over highly emotional happenings in my own life, but I've even been known to cry over sappy Hallmark commercials, like these. And this Folger's commercial gets me every single time. Since 1986 I have been thrilled to tears that Peter made it home for Christmas! ;)

Whatever the cause, right now I really feel for my cousin Amanda over at Carolina Girl Be sure to drop in and read her latest post, and maybe offer her a little encouragement or a few prayers. That girl is HOMESICK, I tell ya! And I hate that for her. She is such a sweetheart and has the most adorable, lovable little family.

I've had much on my mind lately anyway and her post got me to thinking about things that I miss. Except the things I miss aren't really 'things' at all. Mostly what I miss are people. Some of them moved on in different directions than that which I chose and others have passed on to their reward, but all of them are missed in one way or another.

But there are things I miss that aren't living, breathing beings....though they made me feel alive. Things that are hard to pinpoint and even more difficult to put into words. I suppose the best way to describe what I mean is to say that there are feelings that I miss.

*The feeling of a good book in one hand, a cup of hot tea in the other and a quiet, cozy nook in which to enjoy them both.

*The peaceful silence of a frosty cold morning when my world wears a crisp, white blanket of snow.

*The feeling found only during a ramble through the woods while bright autumn leaves rustle in the cool breeze, and the warmth of a ray of sunshine that manages to penetrate the canopy of trees.

*That giddy hopefulness that comes to me each year at Christmas; the confidence in humanity that comes about when the holiday spirit pierces through even the toughest of exteriors and brings out the best they have to offer.

*That nagging, irritating impatience to get my hands on:

(a.) a notebook and a pen
(b.) my laptop
because there is a story in me just itching to get out, to be given a life of its own, to be released from the bondage of my too tiny brain and given the freedom to exist in black and white.

Please come back, my aggravating friend. I miss my writing, my outlet, my expression of all that's in there wanting to come out.

Writer's block stinks.

But I think most of this is telling me to slow down and enjoy things a little more. Pay more attention and take a moment to breathe when a moment presents itself. Stop rushing through.

These little reminders pop into my life from time to time. I think I'll listen to them for once. ; )

So tell me...

What is it that you're missing? What is it that you wish you could bring back? What had such a profound effect on your life that you would like to revisit that place in time?

Share with me. Give me food for thought.