Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yoo-hoo! Mother Nature! Where are you???

Dear Mother Nature,

This is Kelli. I need to have word with you, please. I'll pour you a cup of coffee and serve you one of these:

(Yes, I made them. They're cinnamon raisin biscuits with glaze. Yes, they are yummy.)

Now, let's get down to business. We need to discuss your work. I'm afraid that you've gotten just a little carried away this year. Suffering from a bit of the ol' 'over-achiever syndrome', perhaps?

Well, lay off.

Too much pollen far too soon this year does not a happy camper make.

And I'm not the only one suffering. Many of my friends, my kids, and my kids' friends are all feeling the effects and have been since early August.

My allergy testing yesterday showed that I am allergic to most of the natural world. Trees, weeds, name it. But most of all, these little guys:

They give me REAL grief. (In case you haven't met....Bloggy friends, this is Mr. Dust Mite.
Mr. Dust Mite, these are my Bloggy friends. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!)

And then of course, there is also the fact that I'm allergic to this pretty girl:

I had no idea I was allergic to cats. Thankfully Bob is an outdoor cat. I've never had indoor pets because of my kids' allergies.

Gee. I wonder where they got those?

Anyway, Mother Nature, you're now forcing me to take pills and nose sprays, eye drops and possibly shots a little further down the road. If it makes me feel less lousy and better able to function, I'll be happy once again.

If not, I think I'll hunt you down.

So please back off. Lighten up. Don't work so hard. Give us all a break.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.