Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Idea for October

Hello my bloggy friends!

I've been sitting here this morning, going through some old discs on which I stored some of my writing. A few years ago, during one of my 'crafty' periods, I spent a lot of time on various boards sharing ideas with other crafty ladies. One of my favorite parts of crafting was coming up with original verses to accompany and personalize each of the items. I wrote verses for dozens of craft/gift items and I managed to keep most of them in a file that I've saved. (I did lose a few to a computer crash....a gentle reminder to BACK-UP YOUR FILES!)

As I was reading this morning, I realized how many cute Halloween crafts and verses I had accumulated. I'm not a great fan of Halloween, but I did enjoy some of the neat ideas that were shared among friends at the Voy craft board I frequented. (I've since lost that web address but I hope to stumble across it again someday.) Anyway, I thought it might be fun to share some of these ideas with you folks over the next few weeks. They're all relatively simple crafts, but when you add the verse it sure does make a cute gift!

I'll begin posting these tomorrow and I hope you'll find at least a couple that you like. Many of them can be made with things you probably already have in your craft supply stash, and a few just use things you have around the house. The important part is that print the cute poems/tags that go with them. They really complete the idea! : )