Friday, September 24, 2010

Favorites on Friday

I spent some time yesterday morning searching through old blog posts. I was trying to find all of my posts that included recipes so I could copy them over to my new Kelli's Kitchen page. Since many of the posts that contain recipes didn't have titles that made it obvious, I had to open several of them to be certain I wasn't missing something. Reading over those older posts really brought back some memories. : ) I thought it might be fun to post links to a few of my favorites so those of you who are new here could take a peek at some of the posts that I feel are more substantial, reveal a little of who I am, and are some of my better writing.

First there is this one. We still think and speak of her often in this house. Writing this was therapeutic for me and from the response I got here and in emails, many of you who read it when it was posted enjoyed it, too.

If you need a little giggle, there are the Tucker stories. This one, this one and this one are my favorites. That child! He sure keeps life interesting. ; )

And finally, this post probably garnered more attention than any other I've ever posted. Not only did I receive comments on the blog itself, but through email, FB and even on the phone and in person. This one really touched a lot of people and that is every writer's dream. : )

I think that's enough of reliving the past for today. ; ) Time to get busy around here! Hope all of you have a terrific, sunshine-filled day!