Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The "I'm a terrible photographer but I'm gonna share some pics anyway" Post

My name is Kelli and I take bad pictures.

I really am a terrible photographer. Somehow I think it is genetically impossible for me to snap a good pic. After trying everything known to man to overcome this limitation, including reading Pioneer Woman's tutorials which are written in plain and simple English but were still too much for me to handle, I've now entered a 12 step program to help me accept this dreadful fate.

You'll just have to bear with me through this process and continue to look at my (far) less than perfect shots. Hope they don't blind you.

I'm still not done with my fall decorating,
but thought I'd go ahead and post a few shots.
At the rate I'm moving these days,
it may be time to hunt Easter eggs before I finish up.

This is on the front door. It's an old cabinet door that was painted by a friend who used to do craft shows all over the country. She paints gorgeous slates, too.

Ain't he cute?

The fireplace in the family room.

And the foyer.
This is a fern stand that belonged to the Hubster's grandmother.
He refinished it several years ago and it's a really pretty piece.
It's a shame to cover it up, but I don't always have the large doily on it.

This is a deacon's bench we bought in the Amish Country shortly after moving into the house. The oil lamp belonged to the Hubster's grandfather. One of the books is The Collected Verse of Edgar Guest. (One of my faves!) Though you can't see it in this pic (see, what did I tell you? BAD photographer!) there is a pair of wire spectacles on the stack of books, too. Much like the little vignette on the family room mantle. (I really love books! Can you tell?)

The grandfather clock.
He's a majestic gent who chimes away the hours
and I really enjoy having him in the house. :)

And that's all you're gonna get for now. Whenever I get some mums I will finish up outside, too.
Tomorrow I may share some pics of the many gorgeous fall slates I have. It's always a challenge to decide which to hang and I swap them out often during the autumn months.

For now, I'm outta here!
Have a happy Tuesday!