Monday, July 25, 2011

ATBOC Syndrome...and those who suffer with it

There are two types of people...those who come into a room and say 'Well, here I am!'
and those who come in and say 'Ah, there you are!'

Frederick L. Collins

A friend of mine (thanks, Mendy!) posted this quote on her FB page and I immediately swiped borrowed it.  What a lot this little quote has to say!  Really packs a punch, doesn't it?  I would much rather be the latter type of person and I strive to not be the former, but I often wonder how I come across to others.  

I love to laugh and I like to talk and I can be loud at times.  
Does that mean I want to be the center of attention?  
No, not at all.  
I'm actually quite uncomfortable in that position.  
And I certainly don't think that I'm 'ALL THAT'.   
You know, that person who thinks they're God's gift to humankind.  
The one who feels that the sun should rise and set on him/her.  

The one with ATBOC Syndrome.  
(All That and a Bag Of Chips)

 I'm not even a fan of that type of person.  

They annoy me.

I hope to make others around me feel that I'm happy to see them.
That they are valued people in my life.
That my day has just been made better 
because they have become a part of it.

As for those with ATBOC,
I could do without.
And sometimes I'm sure those folks can tell
beyond the shadow of a doubt
that that's exactly how I feel.

Guess that's something else I need to work on, huh?

; )