Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Blast (or two...or ten) from the Past

If you've never seen this site, you must go take a peek.  Drew, my oldest son, is a bit of a nostalgia junky just like his mom.  ; )  He sent me this link last night and I confess...I sat and looked through all 58 pages.  Too cool.
Some of the things were familiar from my own childhood (late 60s and into the 70s) and others from those of my two older kids (mid 80s and into the 90s). 

For instance, remember these?
 Yes, I was a hair crimper.  
Everyone had their fair share of bad 80s hair, right?

Perri think that Jellies are the most hideous shoes she's ever seen.
I had at least four pairs.
White and clear, to appease my practical side.
After all, those go with anything.
And a couple of colors just to be cool.  ; )

One of my favorite toys EVER.
Loved my Spirograph!
I also loved Shrinky Dinks, Colorforms,
paper dolls...
you get my point.
We had all the COOL toys when I was a kid.
They required more imagination than batteries.

Go take a look around YeahFlashback 
and see if you don't see a few things
that bring back some cool memories for you, too.  : )