Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July from Myrtle Beach!

I must admit, it's a pretty terrific place to spend the Fourth of July.
All along the beach, as far as the eye could see, 
fireworks hissed and blossomed in the night sky.
Red, white, blue, green, gold, purple.
All colors imaginable were well represented.

We are too far from the pier to really see the BIG ones,
but it seems that every hotel along the beach 
has their own amazing display.

The atmosphere is positively electric down on the sand!
Everywhere you look there are families, 
couples, groups of friends;
all excited and enthusiastically 
celebrating this All-American holiday!

So this was my first Fourth on the beach
and it was amazing.  : )
But... I miss the rest of my family back home.
And the fantastic Fourth celebration 
we always have in Ripley.
And the food and fun we enjoy 
back at our house, after the huge parade.
And the fireworks display that night,
when we all go back into town 
and find a great place to park the truck,
drop the tailgate 
and let the little ones have fun
with sparklers until time for 

Next year. : )
Next year we'll be home for