Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wanna see?

A Continuation of Yesterday's Post
I put together a couple of collages of the Amish Country pics.
(Click on the collage to enlarge it, then hit your 'Back' button to return.) 
This first one is from some of our shopping.
Yes, we went to a Christmas shop,
Christmas in July, ya know!  : )
Christmas makes me happy and I'd even do a Christmas shop in January.
Yeah, I'm one of those people.
I never get sick of Christmas.
Clockwise from top left:
I love them.
I think they're beautiful.
I have my own little collection of  them.
A person can never have to many nutcrackers.
; )

A shot from the second floor of the shop.
This is a big ol' round building
and the interior is very dramatic.
All the lights, all the trees, all the glitter and glow.
It's truly spectacular.

Bins and bins of decorations are divided
according to theme.  
Several small rooms all around the perimeter 
of the building cover everything from
traditional to hunting/fishing lodge,
Wizard of Oz to teddy bears,
primitive to modern.

The Big Guy himself.  : )
I love me some Santa/Father Christmas/Saint Nicholas.
Whatever name and form of the legend you choose,
he's my homeboy.
Love that guy.  : )

And now, on to some more shots of the hotel.
Lots of shots from lots of perspectives.  
The library just off the lobby.  A lovely, quiet place to 
browse the shelves; a comfy chair to sit and read;
a cozy corner to work a jigsaw puzzle.
The second floor breakfast and sitting area.,
complete with a Baby Grand.
The beautiful, sweeping staircase.
A bright and inviting area with board and card games.
The beautiful flower beds out front.
I can't begin to tell you how beautiful and inviting 
really is.

*You may remember that last year I did a post regarding the Inn at Amish Door.
We have always stayed there but this trip was rather last-minute and they had no vacancies.
The Carlisle was a wonderful substitute and
I'm sure we'll go back. : )

And a bit more of our shopping excursion.
(Yes, we shopped a whole bunch.  
Is that not one of the reasons you go to Amish Country?)
As I mentioned in a previous post, most places aren't 
wild about you taking pics in their shops.
I managed to sneak a few.  ; )
Do you not LOVE this stuff?
There will be more on that sign in the bottom right pic in a future post.
*If you love any of it enough to want it, just check HERE.